Betterific; a Modern-Day Suggestion Box

Betterific; a Modern-Day Suggestion Box

betterificEver have a brilliant idea that you didn’t know what to do with? The three founders of Betterific feel your pain and, in response, have launched a social, idea-sharing platform where users can go to brainstorm with other innovative minds. It’s all based on the tempting phrase, “wouldn’t it be better if…” – a wish we’ve all uttered at some point or another in our lives. Read more

The New Amazon Kindle – Happy Birthday Dad

The New Amazon Kindle – Happy Birthday Dad

This week was my dad’s birthday, and, as a technology buff, we always try to get him the next big thing on the market. This year, it was perfect timing, as the third edition of the Amazon Kindle had just been released.

While we still receive the ever-slimmer Boston Sunday Globe newspaper, my family has long since given up on physical books, much preferring the Kindle e-reader. Already having versions one and two just wasn’t enough – the third-generation Kindle showed some significant improvements in size, weight, display, and functionality that made it a “must have” and the perfect birthday gift for dad. You can see some of the physical improvements in the photo below, progressing left to right, versions 1-3.

The latest, more compact, 6-inch Kindle e-reader from Amazon has now adopted the Wi-Fi feature that the Barnes & Noble Nook has rivaled, giving it both Wi-Fi and 3G wireless. It has also updated the memory capacity from 2GB to 4GB and doubled the battery life from two weeks to four weeks (with the wireless is turned off).

CNET notes some of the other improved features, including:

  • Better screen with higher contrast and faster page turns
  • PDF support
  • Larger library of hundreds of thousands of e-books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs via the Amazon store
  • Built-in keyboard for notes
  • Capable of storing 3,500 electronic books
    Eight fonts available, including two new extra-large sizes
  • Displays image files
  • Plays MP3 and AAC audio

So, for all the remaining physical book page turners out there, this third-generation Kindle may very well change your mind and help you make the switch to the modern e-reader world. Sign me up!

Taskbar Shuffle – Fueling My Obsessive Organization!

Taskbar Shuffle – Fueling My Obsessive Organization!

Hate when your email crashes?  Well, obviously, but for the same obsessive organizational reason I do?  I always need to open my Outlook first each morning so that it’s all the way to the left, next to the Start button, on my taskbar.  If, for some reason during the day, Outlook decides not to work and I need to shut it down, I then have to shut down every other program and document I have open to reopen Outlook to make sure it’s all the way at the left of the taskbar again!

What a pain!  That’s why I am truly grateful for Taskbar Shuffle.  This freeware allows me to drag and drop programs anywhere I want on my taskbar so they can be in the order I want.  I have it set to start with Windows and group similar tasks, but not in one button – so now, all my emails can be together with Outlook at the left of my taskbar, but I can see them all individually.  This could get out of hand with really small buttons, if you have tons of stuff open, but it’s perfect for me!

So far I haven’t had any problems with version 2.5 and you can download it for free at CNET here!