Confessions of an Angry Bird Addict; What Makes a Game Addicting?

Confessions of an Angry Bird Addict; What Makes a Game Addicting?

Hello, my name is Meredith and I am addicted to Angry Birds. A few weeks ago, my colleagues Nate and Sarah introduced me to a new game app for my Droid X, which I can’t decide whether or not to thank them for (at least it was free on the Droid, unlike the iPhone!). Since downloading Angry Birds, hours upon hours of my limited free time has been lost to this addicting game. But now that I’m just a few slingshots away from the last level, I can’t help but be proud! Read more

My New Droid X

My New Droid X

As of this past weekend, I am the proud new owner of the latest smartphone on the market. So far, I am entirely happy with my decision to leave behind my Blackberry and pick up the Droid X. With seven desktop screens, I have everything sorted on its own home page. From music and games to social networks and messaging, I have a screen for each need.

The 4.3-inch 854×480 touch screen is great with a helpful vibration that lets you be confident you’ve selected the right letter or app. The camera takes 8-megapixel stills with a flash (take that iPhone). I use my Gmail, Google calendar and Gchat religiously, so having the Google powered Adroid operating system is perfect.

Another fun feature I’ve found is the talk to text button when composing text messages or emails. What’s even better? The laughs along the way as you test it out with friends and see what funny stuff it comes up with. For the most part it’s fairly accurate though as long as you enunciate.

Some of the other features include:

  • 1GHz TI OMAP processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 24GB storage
  • 720p HD video
  • DLNA compatibility
  • HDMI Micro out
  • 3 mics for noise cancellation
  • Wireless N with 3G hotspot powers

Definitely outstrips the Blackberry, though of course I was still holding on to my Pearl, which they don’t even make anymore. Do you have the Droid X? What’s your favorite part?