The Rise of Fake News & The PR Impact

The Rise of Fake News & The PR Impact

fake-news2016 was the year that the news became the news. With so much misinformation spread around the U.S. presidential election and beyond, people have begun to lose trust in the media and have criticized Facebook and Google for their hand in disseminating false stories.

Now, Facebook and Google are both taking stands to better protect their content and advertisements. But, will it be enough? Will fake news continue to spread – beyond politics to other businesses and industries? And, how has the rise in fake news impacted the PR industry?

Check out my latest LinkedIn Pulse piece to read more, The Rise of Fake News. Does PR Need to Worry? and share your thoughts in the comments. And, for more tips, look for my take alongside other industry experts in these two features in the Wall Street Journal: You’re the Victim of Fake News, Now What? & Caution Required When Responding to Fake News.


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