Innovation Index Ranks Boston 5th for Startup Success

Innovation Index Ranks Boston 5th for Startup Success

Map-of-Boston2014 was a great year for venture capital funding in Boston with $4.2 billion raised, and a 61 percent increase from 2013 to 2014 for tech alone. But, where does Boston rank compared to the rest of the country?

At BostInno’s 3rd Annual State of Innovation 2015 event, Reid Snyder of Streetwise Media unveiled the Innovation Index, a resource for ranking the startup economy, which puts Boston fifth in the nation for startup success! That’s up three spots from Forbes’ 2014 startup ranking.

BOSSOI Innovation Index

The Innovation Index compared 50 cities, looking at five categories, including:

  • The number of tehcnology startups popping up
  • The amount of VC investments coming in
  • The city’s higher education enrollment
  • The city’s livability and quality of life
  • The city’s economy

Reid noted that a successful startup city takes a range of people from promoters and capital sources to talent and supporters to get new companies off the ground and running successfully. And, that’s something they found Boston has in droves. Only behind Boulder, San Jose, San Francisco and Washington, Streetwise found that Boston is where some of the most promising growth stories are happening across the country.

Photo credit: #BOSSOI


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