WIRED Modernizes Web Story Design

WIRED Modernizes Web Story Design

WIRED Feature Story DesignJust as Web design has transformed through the decades, from static pages to infinite scroll and banner headers to video backgrounds, so too must journalism adapt to the modern, media-driven world. Already with some major milestones under the belts of national outlets and local blogs alike, WIRED is taking us to the next step with its new multimedia design for feature stories.

Premiering this month with an article on the Apple Watch, WIRED has incorporated vibrant photos and graphics alongside special effects and animations… But, this isn’t what’s new. WIRED has already been highlighting its in-depth features with this snazzy look and feel for some time.

What’s new is the way in which they’re doing it – with a modular Feature Story Builder tool.

Before this tool, WIRED notes that it would take a couple of months to prep a story. With all the plans, design and building required via bespoke, manual coding – not to mention the complex testing across devices – this is no surprise.

But, now, feature stories can be created in a fraction of the time via a drag-and-drop interface with customized modules for everything from animation to style choices… all thanks to the open source WordPress Page Builder tool that WIRED used.

It’ll be interesting to see if other publications follow suit with more interactive, multimedia designed feature stories, upping appeal for the modern reader.

Photo credit: WIRED http://wrd.cm/1aO9Vmp.


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