3 #PRFail Moments You May Have Missed

3 #PRFail Moments You May Have Missed

PR FailThere’s been no shortage of PR nightmares this year for companies like Uber and Lululemon, or individuals like actor Bill Cosby and ex-LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but here are some facepalm-worthy moments you may have missed…



Blackberry iPhone PR FailJust this week, Blackberry loaded a photo to Instagram that, when posted to Twitter, revealed that the message was posted using an iPhone. For a brand struggling to stay afloat in such a fast-moving market, this probably wasn’t the smartest move… And, it appears the tweet has since been removed and has not yet been addressed by the company.


DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno Pizza WhyIStayed PR FailResearch your hashtags before you post. That’s social-media 101, but apparently new news for DiGionro Pizza who used the #WhyIStayed hashtag that was meant domestic violence victims to voice their reasons to remain in unhealthy relationships after the Ray Rice assault. While followed by several apologies, this is a prime example for all companies to think before they tweet.


American Apparel

American Apparel PR FailHashtagged with the words #Smoke and #Clouds, American Apparel garnered more than 11,000 notes on its pre-4th of July Tumblr post of what it didn’t realize was the 1986 space shuttle Challenger explosion. Explaining the PR fail was because the employee who posted it was born after the tragedy occurred is not the first time we’ve seen such an excuse as Urban Outfitters did something similar with its blood-stained Kent State sweatshirt. But, age is no excuse for poor research.


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