Hashtag Best Practices: RiteTag

Hashtag Best Practices: RiteTag

RiteTagThere’s no shortage of social media best practices. And, the use of hashtags is no exception. But, more often than not, best practices like “use hashtags to insert yourself into relevant conversations” are great advice, but too vague… specifically, in this instance, the word relevant. After all, relevance is all relative.

To use the topic at hand, if you’re posting about social media best practices, a #SocialMedia hashtag may seem like a no brainer. Relevant? Yes. But, relevant to the point of useful? Perhaps not.

Luckily, I recently discovered a tool called RiteTag that can help transform social media advice into fact-based recommendations.

With data on more than 10 million trending Twitter hashtags, RiteTag helps users understand what hashtags are over or underused, or which ones saw traction over others, etc. Through this analysis, RiteTag aims to increase its users’ tweet discovery from searchers, tag-trackers and hashtag clickers.


With hashtag audits, tweet scheduling and various extensions, the platform (still in beta) seems like it could be a great tool, especially for PR firms consulting on social media best practices or managing multiple clients’ Twitter accounts.

However, I’m surprised at some of the “green” hashtags that come up in the search tab.

I would think that things like #NFL, #Tech or even #lol would be “red” for being way too overused. By its own analysis, RiteTag even shows #Tech as having 2,254 new tweets per hour! If that doesn’t mean yours would get lost in the shuffle, I’m not sure what would… but perhaps I’ll leave delving into RiteTag’s data analysis methodology for another day. For now, it’s a cool concept that could be useful to help optimize tweets and get in front of the right audiences.


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