5 Ways to Leverage an Analyst Report for PR & Marketing

5 Ways to Leverage an Analyst Report for PR & Marketing

reportAnalysts are often seen as some of the most credible influencers in any given field. Their vendor neutrality and broad knowledge of market players makes them a reliable source on industry trends, developments and projections. That’s why commissioning a report or whitepaper to help highlight your company or client’s industry message, often on best practices to solve business pain points (without an outright company endorsement), can be extremely beneficial.

But, once you have the report in hand, what can you do to further its promotion and spread awareness? These five areas can provide a good starting point for PR and marketing communications teams:

Influencer Relations

The analyst report is likely to be divided into digestible sections that highlight various business pain points and reasons that companies are struggling to solve them… likely with supporting figures or use case examples, too. These can provide PR teams with a plethora of pitch topics that can be used to help inform and inspire the wider media community to write about the subject matter. And, with the analyst report as a supporting piece of collateral, they may even seek to interview the authoring analyst for additional commentary and hopefully link to the report itself.

Thought Leadership

Creating a byline or contributed article from the report can also be a good way to promote the message with ample linking opportunities to the full paper to showcase credible reinforcement on the issue(s) and help increase SEO or drive readers to landing pages for lead generation. By placing the byline in a respected, third-party media outlet, you’re able to increase its visibility even further, too. But, another option is to post it on LinkedIn Pulse to try and establish yourself as an influencer and reach a dedicated business audience.

Another option is to develop a webinar on the topic, perhaps teaming up with the authoring analyst firm to moderate and even a customer to contribute to the webcast. Then, with a recording, this can also be used on a separate landing page to drive leads and offer more multimedia fodder on the topic.

Social Media

Beyond promotion of the report and any associated collateral on social media channels (both corporate and individual accounts, and with relevant hashtags), sponsored social promotions are also an option. With sponsored tweets on Twitter and sponsored posts on LinkedIn, the report’s visibility can be greatly enhanced and prolonged.

Visual Content

With access to a digital agency or content creator, a report – especially one with ample statistics – can easily be turned into an infographic or even an info-video to boost the variety of types of content and offer more multimedia options that may be more suitable for other platforms like Facebook or Google+.

Beyond digitally animated options, “talking head” videos where you get an executive – perhaps teamed up with the report’s authoring analyst – to discuss the trends brought to light in the paper. These should be really short – less than a minute – and used to highlight major points.

Marketing Support

Beyond a press release and gated landing page for the report, the marketing team can also work to distribute the paper link and other collateral through newsletters or email blasts to customers and prospects. This will help enhance sales team efforts and drive downloads.


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