Journalists Want Breaking News, Can Your #PR Strategy Attach to It?

Journalists Want Breaking News, Can Your #PR Strategy Attach to It?

Breaking NewsIn the age of the 24-hour news cycle, it’s no surprise that journalists crave breaking news. But, did you know that’s the ultimate type of information for 77 percent of them?

The 2014 Business Wire Media Survey looked at what information and assets U.S. journalists need (and how they want to receive them) to effectively cover a story. Top of the list is obviously breaking news. No surprise there. But, what’s interesting are the other elements that reporters want to see in a press release.

Everything from supporting facts (70%) and story angles (66%) to quotable sources (52%) and multimedia content (29%) could all be used to back up that oh-so-desirable breaking news. A quote from your CEO on its own… not newsworthy. A quote from your CEO explaining a major current event… perhaps front and center for many reporters’ next feature piece.

Business Wire Reporters Press Release Preferences

In PR, we know that the phrase “here today, gone tomorrow” has never been more true. News today is only good until tomorrow’s top story hits and pushes it off the news cycle. So, when looking at the elements that journalists want to see in press releases or receive from PR pros, try thinking about them in relation to breaking news.

Can you link the breaking news to the effects it’ll have on another trending topic? Perhaps the Internet of Things is impacting the BYOD movement or beacon technology, which your client happens to be involved in.

Can you show how your client’s company background establishes it as an expert in the breaking news’ segment? Maybe it engineered the first device that paved the way for what’s being done today.

Can you offer an infographic that depicts the timeline that led to today’s breaking news?

Or perhaps it’s a video that shows how the breaking news is impacting your client’s industry. Is it causing a traffic-induced latency issue from all the new attention? Is it causing stock to plummet for now, but with predictions for a surge tomorrow?

Whatever it is, linking your client’s news, industry or product to the breaking news of the day is likely to elevate its success. Attaching to breaking news could bring your client from just another one in 1,000 pitches that reporter got today to the expert source he or she was looking for.


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