Global PR Strategies; Bridging the Gap with ION

Global PR Strategies; Bridging the Gap with ION

Global StrategiesAs the globalization of today’s political, social and economic structures escalates, international communication becomes all the more important for businesses looking to serve increasingly diverse markets.

Attempts to tear down geographical borders and restrictions to reach consumers on a local level require a cross-national and cross-cultural understanding throughout every aspect of a successful communication strategy.

Oftentimes, multinational corporations will develop communications and PR strategies in the country where the headquarters is located, only to find they’re unsuccessful when implemented in different geographies with different cultures without first understanding where they align or differ.

After all, it’s near impossible to manage a relationship without first understanding it. For a company to span various continents and still be successful, it needs to have symbiotic communication and goals.

To achieve this level of cultural understanding for business comms strategies, companies frequently look to PR agencies to assist with both the development and implementation of an intelligent communication plan.

By tapping into a PR network with agencies based in all of the company’s target markets, it can reach both global and local objectives while achieving mutual respect for cultural differences. And, as the world continues to globalize, becoming more and more intertwined in every aspect of how we work, live and play, this global/local focus (i.e. GoLo) will become increasingly strategic.

In an effort to further such international understanding for GoLo comms strategies, I made a recent trip to England to visit March Communications’ PR partners OctopusRocketLoudhouse and Union Street, as part of the ION Communications network. By leveraging the ION group, our technology clients can take advantage of global PR strategies without sacrificing local expertise, achieving a truly synergistic experience that follows the highest international standards.

It was a great experience, sharing knowledge on everything from new forms of digital content and research vehicles to pitch campaigns and how different types of announcements are received in various geographies.  And, hopefully, our clients on both sides of the pond, and around the world, will be better for it!

Note: This post was first published on Rocket Communications’ blog as a guest post and may be seen here


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