Betterific; a Modern-Day Suggestion Box

Betterific; a Modern-Day Suggestion Box

betterificEver have a brilliant idea that you didn’t know what to do with? The three founders of Betterific feel your pain and, in response, have launched a social, idea-sharing platform where users can go to brainstorm with other innovative minds. It’s all based on the tempting phrase, “wouldn’t it be better if…” – a wish we’ve all uttered at some point or another in our lives.

Betterific, a DreamIt Ventures startup, essentially acts as a modern-day suggestion box where people can post their ideas for how to improve the way we work, play and live. The platform connects with Facebook and Twitter so users can share ideas more widely and see which of their friends they can invite or follow. Incorporating a crowdsourcing element, Betterific also allows users to vote and comment on other people’s ideas, furthering inspiration and discussions. Users get a score based on how innovative they are, which is improved by the number of “upvotes” you cast, “betterifs” you post and comments you publish.

Named one of TheNextWeb’s tech startups to watch in 2013, Betterific ultimately strives to provide actionable insights for improvement. Many social media users already flock to Twitter or Facebook to wish for improvements or rant about poor service, but are those posts getting the attention they deserve? Or, perhaps they’re getting too much undeserved attention… The crowdsourcing element of Betterific allows companies to see which suggested improvements are the most popular, and which ones may not be worth their time based on how many votes each ‘betterif’ receives.

With plans for a new idea board feature, which can be embedded externally, companies will be able to have a Betterific page below their products or services where users can comment and make suggestions – the most highly ranked of which may actually get some attention from development teams! This could also be a great way for PR teams to source thought leadership ideas and prediction pieces, which have long since become a yearly tradition.

As a social platform created to help spur ideas, it makes sense to ask how the idea came about to start Betterific in the first place! According to founders CEO Micha Weinblatt, COO Jonathan Schilit and CTO Brad Cater, it all started with bed sheets, “We were making our beds (like all gentlemen should) and struggled when it came time for the fitted bed sheet. Which side is length, and which is width, we wondered. And then the light bulb went off. Wouldn’t it be better if… fitted bed sheets had length and width indicators? Yes, it would be better! And with that, the first betterif was spoken and a community born.”

What are your ‘betterif’ ideas?


2 thoughts on “Betterific; a Modern-Day Suggestion Box

  1. Very good business idea. Powerful eureka moment in reference to the fitted sheet epiphany! Length and width indicators are must, from now on. Ha!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Peter. Betterific seems to be gaining traction too with companies starting to source ideas for improving their products through the Betterific community. Will be interesting to see if it takes off!

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