What B2B Tech Companies Need for a Successful Product Launch: Part 3

What B2B Tech Companies Need for a Successful Product Launch: Part 3

Product LaunchFollowing parts one and two of our three-part series on successful B2B technology product launches, here we examine the third and final phase: the post-launch.

After months of stress and prep, now it’s time to tie up any loose ends and evaluate your success! Here are four key elements to consider during any post-launch campaign:


  • Follow Up – After the craze of the launch, take a look at other media or analyst targets who may also be interested in the news, perhaps from a different angle or attached to a new current event, to follow up with. Follow up notes should also extend to social media with a few “in case you missed it” type of Tweets or posts.
  • Measurement – After the launch is when you need to closely evaluate all the efforts that went into the launch against the outputs and outcomes. If you’re wondering what the difference is between outputs and outcomes, think of an output as a piece of coverage, whereas an outcome is a new customer that called up a sales rep as a result of reading that coverage, or, more simply, the readership that that piece of coverage reached. This is an important distinction because, as Katie Paine famously said, hits (or pieces of coverage), is only How Idiots Track Success. It’s what comes after or as a result that really matters! In PR this is often a struggle since much of our efforts are intangible, however, there are some great tools out there to help with this – but that’s a post for another day.
  • Responses – Something that is often overlooked is responding to comments that resulted from launch outreach. Whether responding to a comment on an article or a social media post, it’s important to address readers’ (and users’) questions or concerns. This is time consuming, for sure, but a step that will set your company above the rest. Ignoring comments is not an option and will be noticed by commenters.
  • New Opportunities – Once the news is live, it can be given legs by extending the product, issue or pain points addressed to additional PR opportunities, including speaking submissions, award nominations, customer case studies, corporate or guest blog posts, etc.

Incorporating a seamless campaign with strategic elements across all three phases of a B2B technology product launch will increase the opportunity for widespread exposure. Not only will this help increase awareness and buzz, but it will also help any company rise above their noisy competitors to capture greater share of voice and market distinction.

In case you missed parts one and two of our three-part series, check them out here:


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