What B2B Tech Companies Need for a Successful Product Launch: Part 2

What B2B Tech Companies Need for a Successful Product Launch: Part 2

product launchFollowing part one of our three-part series on successful B2B technology product launches, here we examine the second phase: the actual launch.

It’d be great if you could just sit back on the day of the launch and watch the coverage roll in thanks to all your pre-launch preparations, but, unfortunately that is never the case! On the day of the launch, there’s still a lot to do to ensure the campaign proceeds successfully.


  • Wires and Website – While unique coverage from media and analyst targets is a big goal around any launch, getting the press release up on the website and a paid wire service like Businesswire can help get a lot of eyeballs on the announcement through syndications and widespread distributions. For the website promotion, this doesn’t just include the press release, but all other product collateral, as well as any other marketing or advertising efforts like banner ads or gated pages for lead generation.
  • Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram… what did I forget? Obviously tons. But, whatever social media channels your company leverages to reach key audiences requires some attention on the day of the launch. Posts can be scattered throughout the day to offer additional insight into new features, use cases or promotions – but this is only taking care of the amplification side of social media. A big chunk of launch day needs to be dedicated to the engagement side. People often flock to social media to share news and ask questions – and it’s essential that representatives from the company are monitoring to engage with these types of posts. Even a simple ‘thanks for sharing our news’ can go a long way to promoting a new product.
  • Reminders – Undoubtedly, there will be some target media and analyst influencers who didn’t see or respond to pre-brief outreach. The day of the launch is a good chance to remind them of the news announcement and see if they’re interested in either receiving more information (via email or a call) or writing up an article on the topic, thereby increasing additional chances for quality, unique coverage opportunities.
  • Thank Yous – For media and analysts who did contribute coverage or quotes to the exposure generated on the day of the launch, it’s important to say thank you and further the relationship for both the company and yourself. And don’t forget the beta customers – if any played a part in helping shape the product or further media exposure by acting as a third-party reference, they need to be thanked as well!

What else do you consider to be an essential launch-day element? Be sure to check back for part three of our series as we examine post-launch strategies, and, in case you missed it, part one on pre-launch tactics may be found here: http://wp.me/pCkPf-i5.


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