Why B2B Companies Should Be On SlideShare

Why B2B Companies Should Be On SlideShare

slideshareSlideShare, the social media network that hosts online presentations, is kind of the unsung hero of the B2B world. Maybe it hasn’t exactly caught fire precisely because so much of the content is B2B-focused.  The truth is that SlideShare is one of the most useful, if not the most useful, social media network for businesses that need to educate prospects about their products and services in a fun, engaging way.

Consider this: SlideShare drives three times more traffic for business owners than other social media sites and 40 percent more traffic from C-level executives than LinkedIn, which is often touted as the number one B2B social media platform and could be why LinkedIn acquired the platform last year for $119 million.  So, perhaps it’s worth a second look?

In a 2012 analysis, LeadFormix found that the top two content categories on SlideShare are ‘business and management’ and ‘technology,’ so it seems that any B2B tech companies looking for a new platform to engage users and spread awareness would be in good company. And, with 60 million visitors each month and 3 billion slides viewed each month, it has the potential to reach a very widespread audience.

So how can tech companies use SlideShare?

Recycle – With all the work that goes into creating both internal and external PPTs and demos, it’s a great platform to recycle old presentations – perhaps even ones from speaking engagements at industry tradeshows – in order to widen the target audience.

Repurpose – Many other pieces of content are conducive to being turned into a slideshow, which not only forces the content to be shortened to be more concise and to the point, but also adds a more engaging, visual element. Companies can easily consolidate the main points of content such as blog posts, whitepapers and eBooks into a suitable presentation for SlideShare.

Integrate – With other social sharing features, SlideShare can seamlessly integrate into companies’ existing social media strategies. Promoting presentations through Twitter, Facebook and Google+ will drive even more traffic to SlideShare content and further education and marketing campaigns.

Beyond this, a premium SlideShare membership will win over any B2B marketing department since it boosts SEO and allows companies to capture leads by gating presentations while also providing detailed analytics on viewers.

How else have you seen B2B companies effectively use SlideShare?


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