April Fools’ Day Tech Pranks

April Fools’ Day Tech Pranks

April Fools’ Day marks a long-standing tradition of practical jokes, hoaxes and good, old-fashioned tomfoolery. So, naturally, it’s one of my favorite holidays! With everything from “kick me” signs taped to people’s backs and flour poured into hairdryers, to toothpaste-filled Oreo cookies and Saran Wrap on the toilet seat, April 1st is a day when many are constantly looking over their shoulder … and the tech world is no different! Just try putting a Post-it note over your coworker’s mouse trackball, or pressing Ctrl+Alt+↑on their computer keyboard, and watch them go nuts (note: Ctrl+Alt+↓ is the fix for the second trick).

And, while many B2C companies have joined in the fun (have you seen Google’s scent-enabled search Google Nose, Twitter’s vowel-free service Twttr, or Virgin’s glass-bottomed plane?), some funny stunts have been pulled off by B2B companies too, including two of my clients ExtraHop Networks and CloudSigma.

This morning, through a formal email from a member of the senior management team, IT operational intelligence solution provider ExtraHop announced a new website design to its staff that positioned the company as a “technology pirate sailing ahead of a wild hurricane of disruption.” Click on the new homepage and come to find a complete redesign, resembling a pirate map, gracing ExtraHop’s site. While it was only live for a few hours, it surely left many questioning the strategy and competence of some mysterious design firm on the East Coast.

Also in jest, public cloud IaaS provider CloudSigma today made an announcement on its website and through RealWire that it would now be offering remote VM access via fax so customers can have their cloud server screen faxed to them every thirty seconds. Complete with a quote from its CEO, mentions of beta customers, and plans for a 2.0 version, the release may have caught a few eyes before people realized it was dated April 1, 2013!

Seen any more good April Fools’ Day pranks? Keep an eye out and watch your back!


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