What’s ‘The Gist’ of it?

What’s ‘The Gist’ of it?

Thanks to text messaging and social media sites like Twitter that have reduced much of today’s communication to a mere character count (if not simply a picture), it could be argued that people are growing weary of long-form content and are just looking for the bottom line, leaving them asking, “What’s the gist of it?”

The GistWell, now there’s a site that helps you find just that. Launched today by the creators of Someecards and HappyPlace, The Gist gives a comedic take on the day’s top news in as few words as possible – usually just a sentence or two!

With sections for politics, business, sports, tech, entertainment, nation, world, and big picture news, The Gist seems to have all its bases covered. Both informative and funny, The Gist strikes a winning combination for wannabe news junkies with too little time to get fully caught up on all of the day’s hot topics and who have grown accustomed to the easily digestible, 140-character Twitter messages.

In a recent conversation with Dave Kornfeld, editor-in-chief of The Gist, he noted that what inspired him most to launch the site was the chance to mimic the hectic pace of the news cycle in a funny, yet highly abbreviated way that people might possibly get real information from.

Kornfeld says The Gist is targeting anyone who’s willing to spend a few minutes (or seconds) reading short takes on whatever’s going on in the news that day, and he sees his biggest competition as major news sources like CNN or The New York Times.

“We’d like to be the go-to source for people who are only skimming the first one or two sentences of a news story anyway,” he said.

With the ability to respond to news stories in real time, Kornfeld seems keen to bring both humor and knowledge to his readership – something that will surely be appreciated in today’s face-paced world. Check it out for yourselves at http://thegist.com and let us know your take on The Gist!


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