Understanding SEO [Infographic]

Understanding SEO [Infographic]

What is SEO? Even without looking up the formal definition, many people know that SEO, or, search engine optimization, is all about improving website visibility in search engines’ results – their “natural” results, i.e. the unpaid ones. But, if SEO is free, why aren’t more people doing it effectively? Well, it’s a complicated process. Incorporating everything from spiders to link bait can quickly make an SEO strategy go from understandable to unwieldy.

As Search Engine Land puts it, “Search engine optimization – SEO – seems like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there’s a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors.” And, in easily one of the best infographics I’ve ever seen, Search Engine Land has made SEO easily understandable in a form familiar to everyone who passed the sixth grade: the Periodic Table of Elements.

Transformed into the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors, Search Engine Land designed this chart to showcase the most important features that can help companies increase traffic to their websites from search engines such as Google. And, with Google owning nearly 67 percent of all search queries, Google is the search engine to impress!

Divided into four main categories, the below infographic is a great starting point for understanding SEO and implementing a sound SEO strategy:

  • On the Page SEO – These include elements such as content, HTML and site architecture that are in the direct control of the publisher.
  • Off the Page SEO – These include elements such as links, social and personal that are influenced by readers, visitors and other publishers.
  • Violations – These include elements such as spam, cloaking and stuffing that may cause ranking penalty or ban.
  • Blocking – These elements hurts both website trust and personalization.

When all the favorable SEO elements work together, companies can achieve an effective SEO strategy to boost their website’s visibility on today’s top-ranked search engines. What elements on the Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors do you find most beneficial?


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