What Are Your Favorite #FailedTechBands?

What Are Your Favorite #FailedTechBands?

Last week, my Twitter feed was buzzing with a lot of misspelled musical groups. Typos like WAN Halen, Wiki Minaj, Johnny Cache, and The Red Hat Chili Peppers were seemingly everywhere I looked… oh, wait, that was the #FailedTechBands hashtag craze.

Started by Mashable, tech gurus, nerds and geeks everywhere (myself included) flocked to Twitter to chime in with clever puns that combined technology brands and gadgets with popular band names and singers to see who could come up with the cleverest failed tech band.

As tech news has been found to be the most tweetable type of content and Twitter has a large percentage of technology users, it’s really no surprise that this hilarious hashtag went viral – but perhaps no one expected it to be the top trending hashtag so quickly!

There have already been some great recaps of the best #FailedTechBands and commentary on the general frenzy on Tech Crunch and CNET, to name a few, but below are some of my personal favorites as well. Which were your favorites? Leave them in the comments below and share the fun!


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