Dissecting Today’s Top #SocialMedia Tools [Infographic]

Dissecting Today’s Top #SocialMedia Tools [Infographic]

With so many different social media tools, it’s often difficult to determine which are best to use for specific campaigns or outreach strategies. Luckily, Zintro compiled a useful infographic (see below) detailing the demographics and benefits of four of today’s major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This information can be useful not only to find the best ways to reach specific audiences using these tools, but also to help strategically craft client campaigns and maximize exposure. Below are some of the highlights from Zintro’s research. Check out the full infographic for more fun facts and useful stats.


  • User base: 845+ million users
  • Benefit: interacting on a more personal level with contacts
  • Demographic: the largest segment of Facebook users are between 21-24 years old (17.5% male and 16.6% female), followed by 18-20 year olds and then 35-44 year olds
  • Drawback: trying to connect to too many users can dilute the genuine connections (60% of Facebook users no longer know 20% of their friends and 50% speak to only half their friends)
  • User base: 140+ million active users
  • Benefit: great for short, to-the-point updates, monitoring conversations and finding potential customers
  • Demographic: 54.6% are female and 45.4% are male
  • Demographic: the largest segment of Twitter users are between 31-49 years old, followed by 18-29 year olds
  • User base: 150+ million users
  • Benefit: showing off professional accomplishments and establishing connections
  • Demographic: 51% are male and 49% are female
  • Demographic: the largest segment of LinkedIn users are between 35-44 years old (23%)
  • User base: 100+ million users
  • Benefit: starting conversations and adding specific people to them
  • Benefit: using the ‘circles’ feature to target your messages to specific audiences
  • Demographic: 30.38% female and 69.62% male


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