Top 3 Reasons to Have PR Support at Events

Top 3 Reasons to Have PR Support at Events

Trade shows, conferences and events are a key element for any corporate strategy. The associated networking and thought leadership opportunities are an important aspect of growing a business and establishing a solid industry reputation. However, in order to leverage such events to their full extent, it’s crucial to have PR support on site as PR teams are able to maximize a company’s exposure, help handle unexpected issues, provide additional booth support, and so much more.

  1. Maximizing Exposure – At events, there are generally a fair amount of press in attendance. And, having your PR team at the show enables them to arrange interviews and briefings with corporate executives to garner media coverage and boost exposure. While many of the interviews will be arranged ahead of time, there are usually some press who didn’t respond to the PR team’s outreach efforts, but who they are able to track down in person at the event for a briefing. Establishing these face-to-face connections with the press helps foster relationships and keeps you top of mind the next time one of the journalists is writing an article on the company’s industry or area or expertise. The PR team is also able to leverage social media on site to post live updates to Twitter, Facebook, and the like to garner additional attention and create a bigger following.
  2. Handling Issues – Inevitably, at an event, something will go wrong. Whether it’s an executive who’s late for a meeting, a missing power cord, or a corrupt USB stick, the PR team can help resolve such issues without pulling executives away from other event priorities. PR team members can also ensure that everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when, keeping company execs on schedule, despite any issues that may arise. Events are often a whirlwind of activity, so having an extra pair of hands can often be a true life saver!
  3. Providing Booth Support – The PR team can essentially act as an extension of a company’s sales team at an event, which is extremely helpful while handling large traffic at the company’s stand or booth. If all the executives are tied up in promising conversations, who is left to handle other interested parties? Since the PR team lives and breathes the company’s messaging day in and day out through pitching, press releases and case studies, they are a perfect fit to succinctly relay the core benefits and advantages of the company’s products and services. After all, the PR team knows the key differentiators as compared to competing products or services, vertical industries, as well as big issues of the day – such as Big Data or BYOD. At the very least, the PR team can entice attendees to want to learn more and pick up available information or collateral, potentially securing additional leads.

Whether you’re attending a smaller conference or a large trade show, having PR support can be invaluable to make the most of the event. While the above reasons by no means encompass all the advantages, these are three crucial ways PR teams can help companies leverage events to their full extent. What other ways have you been able to make use of PR support at events?


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