LinkedIn for Lead Gen

LinkedIn for Lead Gen

What’s your favorite social media tool for generating new business leads? Well, according to Pardot, LinkedIn ranked highest at 32 percent, followed by blogging at 27 percent and Twitter at 15 percent. What’s surprising is that, while it’s clear LinkedIn generates more than twice as many leads as Twitter, more companies integrate Twitter into their marketing efforts than any other social tool. Wouldn’t more companies want to incorporate the platform that helps them generate more new business opportunities? Perhaps after reading this study, more will, but perhaps it’s just a matter of learning how to best use LinkedIn.

Join Groups LinkedIn groups helps expand your network, or communicate with people outside of your current network. You’re allowed to join up to 50 groups, so find the ones that are of interest to your target audience and get involved.

Start Discussions – Within relevant groups, it’s highly beneficial to observe what’s going on, what’s of interest and already being talked about so that you can perhaps start a new discussion of your own. Be mindful to make it interesting for all participants and not a self-serving company promotion.

Answer QuestionsAnswering questions lets you showcase your expertise and bring credibility to your brand. By seeking out questions that pertain to your business, you can offer helpful insight that others will really appreciate and, as a result, may want to connect or learn more about you. Similarly, asking questions is a great way to supplement this activity.

Share Content – Just like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, LinkedIn presents a great platform to disseminate your content and showcase your product, services and expertise. Providing links for people to get more information and learn about you and your company is helpful for prospects looking for a deeper dive into what you do. It’s also a helpful way to keep your status regularly updated.

Use Apps – There are a variety of free applications available on LinkedIn to help distinguish your profile or company page, including an app from Twitter that helps you follow your LinkedIn connections, an app from SlideShare that lets you post presentations and detailed content, a polling app that lets you capture data, and a blog app that lets you automatically update your LinkedIn page with your latest blog posts.

All of these LinkedIn tips have been found to be highly useful, yet highly underutilized. Incorporating some of these tactics will help enhance your personal and/or company profile for lead generation and networking. And, as LinkedIn continues to gain more users every day, enhancing your profile now will help your company stand out.


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