The Internet in One Minute

The Internet in One Minute

The digital world often feels like it’s spiraling out of control with new content being generated every second and new platforms for disseminating that content cropping up left and right. We all know the world moves fast, but have you ever wondered just how much happens online in one minute? This infographic summarizes some pretty amazing facts and figures, which you might as well double, since that will probably be more accurate by the time you’ve finished reading this!

In one minute…

  • 1,500+ blog posts are posted
  • 60+ new blogs are created
  • 98,000+ tweets are sent
  • 320+ new Twitter accounts are created
  • 600+ new videos are uploaded to YouTube
  • 695,000+ Facebook statuses are updated
  • 79,364 Facebook wall posts are posted
  • 510,040 comments are posted on Facebook
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts are created
  • 168 million emails are sent
  • 694,445 search queries are sent on Google
  • 370,000+ minutes of voice calls take place on Skype
  • 13,000+ iPhone applications are downloaded

…and counting!


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