How Far Away is Holographic Technology of the Movies?

How Far Away is Holographic Technology of the Movies?

Fans of the hit TV show V have been watching the advanced alien technology every Tuesday night on ABC for two seasons now – watching as the visitors bring innovation such as blue energy, red rain and medical healing centers to Earth. And while all this may seem light years away, there’s one V technology that may not be too far off.

The V’s holograms, shown with their computer system and communication devices, are getting closer and closer to reality as companies like DigInfo TV and Cisco take huge technological steps forward. However, while TV shows like V use flat screens and optical tricks to create the illusion of depth, real holograms create true 3D image in space, so, if you were to walk around the image, you’d see its back side, not the blank back of a screen.

Cisco and Musion Systems already demonstrated hologram technology’s potential on stage at Cisco’s Globalization Centre East in 2009, and in a recent IBM survey of 3,000 researchers, respondents identified holographic video calls as one of the five technologies they expect to see in place as soon as 2015.

To make holograms a true reality, however, Cisco notes that what’s needed “is a considerable increase in network capacity. Internet connections that can barely handle a decent quality videoconference will need an upgrade to cope with the much greater number of bits needed to project a real-time hologram.” So, while such technology may be available in the not too distant future, it’ll still be a while before we have the actual capability.


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