LinkedIn Today, Social News Service

LinkedIn Today, Social News Service

Each morning begins a new day with the same routine – we head off to work, grab some coffee and check the news. For most of us, this last bit is vital in keeping us up to speed with events around the world and in our industry. But where we turn to find that news may be about to change.

LinkedIn has just launched LinkedIn Today as a new type of social news source. LinkedIn sources news from over 90 million members and pulls out what’s important to you and your industry. It displays a kind of social newspaper that collects stories based on an algorithm that evaluates what your connections are looking at, what industry professionals are interested in, and which stories have been recommended, tweeted, or posted on Facebook.

The front page shows stories, not picked by an editor, but chosen because real people shared or tweeted them. You can even customize the front page by looking at a list of industries and following the ones that matter to you. For instance, my LinkedIn Today page was pre-populated with categories like Public Relations, IT, Computer Software, and Online Media, among others – all of which are pretty accurate.

You can also share articles you found interesting with your network or save them in a folder to read again later. LinkedIn Today has also developed an iPhone app, so you can take your news with you wherever you go. And, what’s more, it’s free to use and isn’t littered with annoying advertisements, keeping the experience clean and convenient for users.

While the service only has 22 available industries to choose from as of now, it will eventually expand to include all 115. It’s also planning to incorporate a more advanced news search so users can find other types of results, like what CEOs or Product Managers are specifically looking at in a certain geographical region.

While just previewing LinkedIn for the first time today, I found that every story that flashed across my front page was one I wanted to read. I didn’t have to sift through articles to get to the ones that I cared about, they were all right there! I see immense potential with this service and am eager to incorporate it into my day.

So, instead of the New York Times, Fox News, or even Facebook, perhaps people will turn to LinkedIn to get their news as part of their morning routine, getting LinkedIn one step closer to their goal of becoming a can’t-miss daily destination.


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