Infographics; Turning Data into Information

Infographics; Turning Data into Information

Infographics seem to be all the rage these days, and for good reason. While charts and graphs attempt to communicate data, infographics actually turn data into information that’s often more interesting and easily digested by readers. And if the infographic is interactive, that’s when it really shines, keeping readers engaged and exploring for much longer periods of time.

Recently, I’ve come across several pretty cool infographics, such as LinkedIn Maps. This neat little infographic maps out LinkedIn users’ professional network so they can understand the relationships between themselves and their connections. You can hover over dots and click them to see what connections exist between your connections. Groups like colleagues, people you went at school with, or friends are separated into color-coded clusters, as people within these groups are also interconnected with each other. And, when you zoom in, individual names appear over each dot so you can more clearly see which each represents. While not widespread as of yet, this infographic has good potential for visualizing your network, and you can learn more from this video.

This other infographic on foursquare is pretty amazing too, even when putting aside all the astounding information from the article, like the fact that foursquare achieved 3400% growth in 2010 and has 6 million users. Showing everything from check-ins for various categories like food by time of day, to chart-toppers for popular items like hotels, this informative diagram gives real insight into the use of this app and shines light on interesting facts that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. It provides just enough real information with humorous fun-facts (like the number of people named Wendy who checked in to a Wendy’s restaurant) to keep readers engaged. The picture below is just a small representation, so check out the link to get the full infographic.

Have you seen a cool infographic out there worth sharing?


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