Touch Screen-aphobes

Touch Screen-aphobes

While taking this funny quiz on The Oatmeal the other day, I was horrified to find out that my cell phone had 988,680 germs living on it at that very moment!

With so much technology switching over to touch screens, I realized this could be a big problem. From credit card machines and public transit ticket kiosks to cell phones, remote controls and ATMs, a day barely goes by without interacting with a touch screen.

And, while The Oatmeal germ estimate may not be entirely accurate, the sentiment is spot on as there’s research that shows how high the risk really is.

The Sacramento Bee recently reported that the average mobile phone has 25,127 germs per square inch! And, back in 2007, Wired reported on research findings from Dial-a-Phone that found more bacteria on mobile devices than the average door handle, keyboard, shoe bottom, or even toilet seat!

So what can we do besides wash our hands after every encounter with a touch screen? There are a couple solutions on the market that may help.

A company called Violight has created a UV cell phone sanitizing station, which was released last October and is perfect for the germaphobe geek! This nifty device is said to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria in just three minutes.

Another way to go may be touch-screen friendly gloves, which also help keep you warm in the winter; win-win. These are more than just fingerless gloves with the mitten flap you can pull on and off; these gloves have conductive thread in the fingertips to help the touch screen sense your gestures. Pretty cool stuff and a good way to avoid getting sick from the germs found on devices we use daily!

Photos courtesy of The Oatmeal.


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