The New Facebook – “Like”?

The New Facebook – “Like”?

A couple weeks ago, Facebook introduced the new profile with the hope of making it easier for users to tell their story and learn about their friends. I was reluctant to implement the new version at first, but after looking into it a bit more, it seems worthwhile, and, like anything, will just take some getting used to. Below, I’ve outlined a few new things and few features that have gone missing. I’d be curious to hear your feedback on the new profile – what do you think works or doesn’t?

What’s New?

  • The most noticeable feature is the summary of all pertinent information right at the top of each profile. This information includes your job, where you live, your relationship status, hometown, etc, as well as a series of thumbnails of your most recent photos. Unfortunately, you can’t pick which photos will appear here, but you can “x” them until you get to ones you want. Any of the other information can be removed from your profile by clicking the “Edit Profile” button on the top right side of your profile page.
  • Infinite scroll is one of my favorite new features. Just like Google’s image search page and Twitter’s new tweet history format, Facebook has removed the pagination from sections like photos, allowing users to simply scroll through everything without ever having to advance to a new page. Very convenient, don’t you think?
  • The new profile also features Facebook Friendship Pages on the right side bar, which allows users to look at every interaction between two people. Of course, to avoid privacy concerns, in order to look at the history of any two people, you have to be friends with one of them first and have access to the other’s full profile – or be friends with them both. Some, like PCWorld, have noted this feature is a bit creepy, but it’s also potentially useful, and something I wish Twitter would incorporate.
  • The friend finder page has been totally revamped. Not only does it suggest people you may know based on number of mutual friends, but it now allows you to search and break it down by school, hometown, current city, employer, etc. Much easier!

What’s Missing?

  • The familiar tabs at the top of each profile page that listed info, photos, boxes, notes, and videos, etc. have been removed. Instead, these tabs have been changed to links on the left side of the page. All the information is still there, but it will just take some getting used to in terms of layout.
  • When users update their status, it no longer stays at the top of your profile next to your name. Instead, it just stays integrated into your wall’s feed. This may frustrate friends who just want to see your latest status or what you’re doing without having to scroll down and find it amongst all your other news.

What do you think about the new profile? Does it deserve a “like,” or is there work yet to be done?

This new upgrade is being rolled out gradually, but should be available to everyone by the New Year. And, if you don’t have the new Facebook profile yet, you can activate it here (also check out the cool video on this link).


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