Let’s Do Lunch

Let’s Do Lunch

Last Friday, I was the first participant in my company’s new chairman lunch program. The program is a good way to give the managing partners a chance to sit down and chat one-on-one with team members they may not interact with on a daily basis to hear their thoughts on the company, what’s working or what isn’t, ideas for new programs or improvements, etc.

It’s also a great chance for team members, interns and SAEs alike, to not only voice their opinions, but to also ask questions and learn more about the industry from seasoned professionals. And while everyone in our small company knows each other fairly well and interacts regularly, this was still a nice change of pace to catch up in a more relaxed environment.

Having visibility into your team is something senior level executives often don’t get a chance to learn first-hand, but is extremely important in order to stay involved and maintain a cohesive working environment. Maybe this is something more companies will start doing, especially after the hit CBS show Undercover Boss showed the value of learning everything about your company from the ground up.

One of the best parts about these chairman lunches though is that they’re fun. It was a nice break in my Friday, and I even got to try oysters for the first time!


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