Google Instant – Speed vs. SEO

Google Instant – Speed vs. SEO

Google is one company that truly seems to grasp that time is of the essence. With its latest release today of Google Instant, Google is transforming the way people search online by filling in search results as you type, improving Web browsing speeds by 2-5 seconds per search.

Google Instant allows users to find what they’re looking for much more quickly since they can scan the results page as they type without having to finish their search term or hit the search button. Google found that people read 10 times faster than they type, taking only 30 milliseconds to look elsewhere on a page, but 300 milliseconds between keystrokes. Being able to browse results as you type, also provides helpful feedback, so you can revise your search terms as you go to find a better match for what you’re looking for.

The news hit social media outlets almost instantly, prompting several blog posts and other humorous tweets:

While this seems like an amazing development to help search functions become faster and more dynamic, there have still been several concerns over what this will do to SEO. With Google Instant, companies may face a new challenge, wanting their site to come up not just in the first page, but in the first four letters. Yikes!

According to the Google Analytics Blog, “With this change, you might notice some fluctuations in AdWords impression volume and traffic for organic keywords. For example, you may find that certain keywords receive significantly more or fewer impressions moving forward.”

What do you think; will this new development kill SEO as we know it or just change it as we adapt?


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