Funny HARO Queries

Funny HARO Queries

If you’re in the PR industry and you’ve never heard of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), where have you been? This resource is far more than just a great tool for journalists to find quality sources for their articles, or for PR agencies to put forth their clients as experts in response to journalists’ queries. That’s right, this service, recently acquired by Vocus and started by Peter Shankman, provides a good laugh here and there as well.

When browsing through the query headlines, one or two in each issue are bound to catch your eye, making you and your colleagues chuckle. Regardless of how legit the descriptions may be, the headlines, out of context, can prove to be quite humorous. Here are just a few of the funny requests as of late (publications removed unless that’s where the humor lies):

  • Looking for Ken doll experts to talk about his pop culture influence
  • Leaving your home office to work (
  • Why is my teen an airhead?
  • High-end Dog Stationary (Doggie Aficionado Magazine)
  • The Underwear Express
  • What Makes You Scratch Your Head?
  • Where is Your “Happy Place”?
  • Seeking deception expert
  • Dress Shirt Psychology: Fact or Fiction
  • Makeup for Lips
  • Men in Green
  • Lady Gaga contact lenses
  • Olive oil (Olive Oil Times)
  • Sex Advice from Firefighters
  • No Fat Chicks for OUR Product!
  • The mundane aspects of athletic doping
  • Expert – Body & Nipple Piercing
  • Help! My kid ate dog food, leaves, a crayon, etc.
  • Getting kids to eat beans
  • Workplace Dress Code War Stories

Seen any more amusing HARO reporter query headlines? Leave them as comments below and share the laughter! 🙂


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