Designer Knock-Offs, There’s An App For That?

Designer Knock-Offs, There’s An App For That?

On a recent business trip to the Big Apple, I found myself with some spare time to kill before my train ride home. Not wanting to leave the city with empty shopping bags, I decided to head to where the streets are paved in Prada; Canal Street.

Knowing full well that the fashion industry loses about $9.2 billion a year from the sale of designer knock-offs, thanks to an episode on America’s Next Top Model, I still needed to see the famous street for myself… even if I wasn’t going to buy anything.

After seeing tons of photos and hearing the stories of how the sidewalks are filled with suitcases overflowing with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi, I was surprised to see none of this. Instead, those selling the fake products would approach interested buyers with nothing more than an iPhone. Simply scrolling through images on the touch screen let the sellers showcase their entire collection without having the fake goods on them.

It always amuses me to see technology being used in new ways and places you’d never expect. I had no idea there was a designer knock-off app! 😉


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