Drink Sprite for a Cause

Drink Sprite for a Cause

My coworkers may have been wondering why I’ve been collecting little green soda can tabs at my desk all month, so I figured it was time to enlighten them.  In short, I’m helping local communities by doing something I love and already do on a daily basis – drink soda!  Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all the news about how it’s not good for you and I could frankly care less, especially when it’s for a good cause!

Sprite and Habitat for Humanity have teamed up to reach their goal of raising $500,000 to help local communities.  Even if they fall short, they will still donate a minimum of $250,000… but don’t think that’s an excuse not to get involved!

All you need to do is drink sprite cans and save your tabs (just the green ones).  Then, mail them by the end of the month, May 31, 2010, to Sprite Tabs for Habitat P.O. Bos 51412 Knoxville, Tennessee 37950.  You can find more information here or check out this cute little flash intro on the MyCokeRewards.com page where the tabs turn into houses (see below)!

Seems like a worthy cause that’s pretty easy to accomplish, so drink up and do your part! 🙂


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