U.S. City Fun Rankings – Yay Boston

U.S. City Fun Rankings – Yay Boston

Portfolio.com recently ranked the top 100 fun cities in the United States and, as a Boston resident, I am proud to be living in the third most fun city in the country!  The rankings were based on various categories including:

  • Culture: performing arts companies, museums, and historical sites
  • Shopping: retail trade establishments
  • Gambling: gambling industries
  • Popular Entertainment: motion picture and video exhibition establishments, spectator sports establishments, amusement parks and arcades
  • Food and Drink: full-service restaurant and drinking places
  • High-Impact Sports: skiing facilities, fitness centers, and recreational sports centers
  • Low-Impact Sports: golf courses and country clubs, marinas, and bowling centers

Boston ranked third, just 0.04 behind second placed Chicago, but 5.93 behind first placed New York.  So, in which categories, specifically, did we fall behind?  Here’s a chart of the top three and their rankings by category:

Thank goodness for our superior sports rankings, culture, and shopping, but it looks like a few more snazzy restaurants, movie theaters, and amusement parks might boost us up even more.  I for one, however, am perfectly okay falling to the bottom in terms of our gambling ranking.  Connecticut is close enough, so let’s just leave Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun down there, since we know no city will ever surpass Las Vegas anyways.

As G. Scott Thomas’ accompanying article notes, you may notice that “missing from the top 10 are several renowned tourist destinations, including New Orleans (13th), Las Vegas (26th), Washington (27th), Atlanta (34th), Orlando (42nd), Tampa (45th), and Phoenix (57th).”

What are your favorite things to do in Boston or these other fun ranked cities?


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