Declaring Time Bankruptcy – For when there’s Never Enough Time!

Declaring Time Bankruptcy – For when there’s Never Enough Time!

Like most Americans, I seem to be constantly on the go, always trying to fit too much into each day. My keen knack for multitasking and cramming has allowed me to perfect the art of leaving just enough time between activities to get from one to the other. The downside? Sometimes my hectic schedule creeps up on me and I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day when I didn’t have time to get to everything!

That’s why I really like this idea I read on Lifehacker about declaring time bankruptcy.  The article explains the concept of time-debt, “the idea that you can over extend your time resources the same way you can over extend your financial ones.”  So, why not give yourself a break, declare time bankruptcy, and quit everything?

While this might be an extreme solution to our overextended schedules, it might be just what the doctor ordered.  However, I constantly find that I’m way more productive and efficient when I’m busy.  For instance, if I need to write an article and only have two hours until my next appointment, activity, meeting, or whatever, I will get the article done in two hours.  But if I have an entire day (which is rare) to write an article, it will actually take me the entire day, but would be no better than the version I could’ve written in two hours.  I think we often fill the amount of time we have, just because we can.

While this may seem like one of the biggest issues people face on a daily basis, it’s not entirely negative.  It just means we have high desire to do lots of different and interesting things!  I guess one of the tricks though, is making sure we’re not jamming our schedules just with obligations, but fun stuff too.

So, maybe, if you do have an entire day for a task, in order to be more productive, schedule some “me time” and stick to it.  This will likely help you prioritize your first task and then suddenly feel the burden of time lifted for the rest of the day!

If you do decide to declare Time Bankruptcy, remember, Like Michael Scott from The Office, you can’t just say it, you have to declare it.

You can find good tips on the original article that Lifehacker references here, but what are your tips and tricks for dealing with time management issues?


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