Peekaboo Mobile, bringing great deals straight to your phone

Peekaboo Mobile, bringing great deals straight to your phone

Undoubtedly one of this year’s top catch phrases has to be, “there’s an app for that.”  So, should it really come as a surprise that with the deal craze going on through sites like Groupon, Qponus, and BuyWithMe, there would be an app for that too?

Peekaboo Mobile is a new app delivers all the best deals straight to your phone.  With this app, you can receive mobile coupons for nearby businesses and even redeem the coupons directly from your phone, so there’s no printing necessary (you’re welcome, Mother Nature).  Peekaboo Mobile also lets users search and find savings based on their location through the map view, which pin points deals in their immediate vicinity using the GPS on their phone.  Users can also post deals or discounts they’ve found to bring even more deals to the community.

In a recent conversation I had with Ben Dolgoff, COO and co-founder of Byte Ventures and co-creator of Peekaboo Mobile, he commented that he and his co-creator, Michael Fruzzetti came up with the idea of Peekaboo when they realized there was no easy way to locate deals that were directly around your current location.  “You always had to do a lot of research if you wanted to find the best deals in your area,” said Dolgoff.  “We wanted to create a network where all you had to do was launch a mobile app and instantly exclusive deals were revealed directly right around you.”

Peekaboo Mobile has started to partner with local small to mid-sized businesses in and around the Boston area, varying from restaurants and hair salons to gyms and other retail stores.  Though initially launched in Boston, Peekaboo Mobile has some presence in Rhode Island and along Cape Cod up to Provincetown.

“The app is great because it is useful to anyone who wants to save money,” Dolgoff added.  “Our current users are mainly tech savvy and have an iPhone.  We have initially seen the most use from college students and young professionals.

“We plan on growing the main core of Peekaboo and then eventually expanding into branded versions for businesses where they will be able to use Peekaboo as a central communication hub for all of their customers.”

The Peekaboo Mobile app is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, though Dolgoff said they have plans to develop the app for both Blackberry and Android platforms within the coming months.

So if you’re still clipping coupons from newspapers or printing them online, you may want get on the app craze and check out Peekaboo Mobile for great deals in the area.  Peekaboo Mobile is also on Twitter.  Check them out @PeekabooMobile.


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