Tweet Wisely

Tweet Wisely

As I noted in my post last week, To Blog or Not To Blog? Join The Conversation!, actively participating in social media, like blogging, is hard work that takes time and resources.  And, guess what?  Twitter is no different.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, How to Channel Your Twitter Voice, Diana Ransom states this perfectly, noting that “for all the benefits social networking delivers — simple, inexpensive and viral — it’s also time consuming. And if you’re not prepared to devote a sizable portion of your day, or, at least, ask an employee to step up, aimlessly participating in social networks can quickly become deflating.”

According to some recent data from comScore, 75 million people visited Twitter in January of this year.  So with all those people potentially listening to what you have to say, wouldn’t it be best to tweet wisely?

So, assuming you have the time to devote to social networks, like Twitter, how should you proceed?  Diana Ransom notes that companies embarking on this venture should:

  • Set company goals
  • Listen to customers
  • Make contact
  • Produce content
  • Voice sincerity

Her points about listening and producing content go hand-in-hand with what I’ve said many times – the key to social media is balancing observation with participation.  How will you know what to say if you’re not listening to what your key markets, fellow industry members, and consumers are saying and looking for?  But once you’ve established your niche, not trying to be everything to everyone, and know what to contribute, making your contributions interactive by adding links, pictures, or video has shown to generate more of a following.

Many more helpful articles about how best to use Twitter may be found on my company’s Social Media Tool Academy blog page, so check it out and start tweeting!


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