MA Senate Election – Vote Today!

MA Senate Election – Vote Today!

When MA Senator Ted Kennedy died last August after a long battle with brain cancer, the Massachusetts Senate seat that he held for 47 years was suddenly up for grabs.  With the election today, we face a choice between two candidates running neck and neck; Republican candidate Scott Brown and Democratic candidate Martha Coakley.

The attack adds launched by the Coakley campaign have been a low blow, showing poor morals and desperate tactics.  By focusing on telling voters why not to vote for Brown, Coakley has failed to tell voters why to vote for her.  An article on NPR says the Coakley campaign has “resorted to a kitchen-sink attack strategy in the final days of the special election, inundating Bay State voters with motley smears, half-truths, and straight-out lies about Republican candidate Scott Brown.”  What’s more, her poor strategy doesn’t seem to be working, as even the White House is predicting she’ll lose today’s election:

Coakley has attacked Brown, saying he is anti-women and will turn away the many rape victims, when in reality, she’s referencing Brown’s support of an amendment that wouldn’t require religious hospitals and religious medical personnel to distribute emergency contraception, nothing more.  Her vicious strategy highlights the very viable fear that Brown could put an end to the democratic hold on this Senate seat – MA hasn’t elected a Republican senator since 1972.

With a win for Brown, Republicans would be able to block Obama’s health care plan with a filibuster.  Obama doesn’t have a single vote in the Senate to spare since he needs all 60 of the senators who now form the Democratic Senate caucus – so he and his staff are all clearly very nervous about the results of today’s race.  If Brown wins, he will be the 41st vote against the health-care overhaul legislation, which the majority of Americans oppose.  He will also count as a vote against the eighteen separate tax increases in the Senate government health care bill, which Coakley is on record supporting.

While I do not agree with Coakley’s positions or despicable strategies, I think it’s important for everyone, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike to exercise their right to vote, no matter what their personal convictions.  That’s why I encourage everyone to read up on Scott Brown’s positions, as well as Martha Coakley’s positions, and vote at the polls today because every vote counts!


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