I recently came across a website designed to improve brain function through a series of games.  The site,Lumosity, is scientifically designed to keep you brain fit by improving memory and attention in 10 minute daily workouts.

The site explains that the brain needs care just like the body.  New scientific research shows that we can improve the health and function of our brains with the right mental workouts, and in the famous “Nun Study,” researchers suggested that stimulating intellectual activity might provide protection from cognitive decline.

The games range from speed and word games to matching and problem solving exercises.  The site also lets you develop your own profile where it gives you detailed feedback and progress tracking.  The LA Times says, “Lumosity presents a wide range of exercises that target different mental processes,” while the New York Time says, “We can indeed form new brain cells, despite a century of being told it’s impossible.”

With the increasing levels of ADD/ADHD in today’s society – no thanks to social media, entertainment, and on-the-go technology designed to hold our interest in short bursts of time and enhance our multi-tasking abilities – it’s high time there was such a tool to help improve concentration and memory.  And it’s great that Lumosity has invented such a tool in a fun, easy-to-use way.  Lumosity even has a blog with many more interesting stats and discussions on improving mental abilities.  So check it out and start improving your cognitive development!


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