Improving Readability

Improving Readability

Ever wonder if that press release or pitch you’re writing is too complex?  Worried your article might soar right over the heads of your target audience?  This is a constant struggle for writers everywhere, continually trying to simplify their thoughts and write in a succinct, clear manner that’s easy to read and understand.  Luckily, I’ve come across a great tool that can help measure your text’s readability. provides free online tools to help with a variety of things, including testing and improving your text’s readability.  This tool calculates and prints various tests and finds sentences that you could rewrite to improve your text’s readability and comprehension level.  It uses various measurement standards like Coleman Liau index, Flesh Kincaid Grade Level, ARI (Automated Readability Index), and SMOG.

The level of your document’s readability is an indication of number of years of education a person needs to be able to understand the text easily on the first reading.  This tool identifies complicated sentences (ones with many words and syllables) and then makes suggestions for improvement.

When writing about complex issues, it’s sometimes difficult to break away from the technical jargon and explain the bigger issue or concept.  Explaining things in a simple fashion is a challenging skill to master – especially being able to do it in as few words as possible – but hopefully this free online tool will help writers get into the habit of improving their readability!


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