Windows 7 Launch Today

Windows 7 Launch Today

We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the official launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7.  And guess what?  It’s here!  So far, the response seems very positive with many saying that this is the upgrade Windows Vista was supposed to be.  And we all remember the commercial with the cute little girl who made a slideshow of “happy words” from Windows 7 reviews.

“With Windows 7, the OS is great again.” – Gizmodo
“Windows 7 offers a massive leap forward.” – Maximum PC
“Windows 7 is snappy and responsive.” – ZDNet
“Windows 7 is… stable, smooth, and highly polished.” – CNet

Some of the most hyped up new features include Snap, a tool used to compare two files side by side with a flick of your mouse to the edge of the screen, and the Live Taskbar Preview, which allows users to manage open programs, documents, and browser windows easily with both thumbnail and full-screen previews.  The HomeGroup feature is also pretty nifty for those who want to easily share photos, music, and files on all the PCs in your home network that are running Windows 7.  HomeGroup is especially great for people like my parents who run their company from home and share a printer.

With a quick Google search, you can pull up tons of reviews, but from what I’ve seen, seven certainly seems to be Microsoft’s lucky number for operating systems.  Let’s just hope that luck will wash away all the lingering dissatisfaction with Vista!


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