Gaining Favorability in Unfavorable Sectors

Gaining Favorability in Unfavorable Sectors

It’s no surprise that certain companies jump to mind for particular industries… for instance, when you think of Healthcare, you may think of Blue Cross Blue Shield, or when you think of cellular service providers, you may think of Verizon.  Whatever the industry, there are usually a few familiar companies that pop up.  But does familiarity always equate to popularity?

For the past three years, Ipsos Public Affairs has been tracking the reputation of over 100 leading coroporations in the U.S. across a wide array of sectors through the I-Rep American Public program. The results show that for poorly rated industries, individual companies can gain much more favorable ratings, but for already popular industries, individual company favorability ratings are not that different.

The article, For Companies in Unpopular Industries, the Silver Lining is a Greater Opportunity to Stand Out, highlights this point more completely, as does the chart below, which shows that for the more popular industries on the left, fewer companies really stand out, whereas for the less popular industries towards the right, companies have a greater opportunity to make a good name for themselves and stand out.

Favorability Ratings by Industry

In order to gain that high favorability in any industry, branding, image, and visability are three key factors, all of which a good PR campaign can  achieve.  Having positive articles placed in key sector publications that target a company’s main audience and customer base will only serve to increase their popularity within the industry and help them stand out against competitors… even if the industry as a whole is not looked that well upon.


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